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Accelerate your net-zero goals through carbon project financing

Build and secure high-quality carbon projects to meet and futureproof your net-zero needs

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What we do

Opna is a climate financing platform that empowers corporates to discover, finance, and manage pre-assessed carbon removal and reduction projects to accelerate the journey to net zero.

Through offtakes and forward agreements, corporates can use Opna to deploy capital directly into carbon projects, providing essential upfront and scaling financing for these projects to come to life. By aligning corporate objectives with those of project developers, Opna creates a net new supply of carbon projects to accelerate our climate transition.

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Finance projects

Looking to credibly reach net-zero?

Join Opna to build and finance your supply of carbon credits and low-carbon products, finance and contract directly with global project developers, and monitor, manage, and report on your carbon projects portfolio.

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Seeking finance for your project?

Raise upfront and scaling capital from leading corporates and financial institutions across your project lifecycles.

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Opna is on a mission to bridge the gap between corporates committed to reaching net-zero via carbon markets and carbon projects that seek financing.

Through its unique data sets, financing innovation, and technology, the Opna platform unlocks capital for high-quality carbon projects with speed, scale, and equity.


Today, our partner project portfolio encompasses a diverse set of carbon projects worldwide.

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Afforestation and Reforestation

Carbon Removal Offtakes Financing of 400,000 tcO2e through 2023 to 2030.

Durability: Low

Climate Equity: High

Large scale restoration of native land rich in biodiversity. The grouped Project will control erosion and regenerate soil health, contributing to the improvement of  ground water levels in the area, as well as create local employment opportunities.

Carbo removal



Carbon Removal Forward Financing of 36,000 tcO2e through 2024 to 2030.

Durability: Medium

Climate Equity: Low

A scientific, cost-competitive, and equitable approach to carbon removal in the global south. This project breaks the carbon cycle by using pyrolysis to convert waste biomass into biochar. The char can also be used to improve soil health in semi-arid land.

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Get a complete overview

The Opna platform brings together vetted project developers and corporates under one frictionless platform. The platform facilitates project discovery, streamlines financing, and provides a digital portfolio management tool. All of this is underpinned by a proprietary risk engine to assess and monitor project quality.

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Finance projects

Finance and contract directly with global project developers to build a futureproof, transparent supply of carbon credits and low-carbon products.

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Raise funds

Raise upfront and scaling capital from leading corporates and financial institutions across your project lifecycles.

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Aligned with the Opna mission? Check our available positions and apply to join us on our journey to enabling credible net-zero solutions with speed, scale and equity.

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