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Are you looking to accelerate your progress towards Net-Zero? Directly financing carbon projects is the most transparent and reliable way to secure a consistent and scalable supply of carbon removal and reduction solutions. By choosing direct financing, you not only improve investment transparency but also support the overall growth of carbon projects.

Discover pre-assessed carbon projects

Find the perfect projects to fit your carbon mitigation goals, as well as your price point. All projects are vetted, transparent, and highly-detailed, ensuring a full overview from team track record, financial viability, to sequestration claims,

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Future-proof your carbon removal and insetting needs

Secure your future supply of carbon removal and reduction credits via offtake contracts and forward financing. Our experienced team and intuitive platform will guide you every step of the way.

Gain oversight of your investments on the Opna platform

Track, manage and monitor your investments with our easy-to-use performance tracking dashboards. Download reports, leverage insights and uncover detailed analytics to help you keep sight of your net-zero journey.

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Build your own diverse projects supply

Choose from a range of nature-based and engineered projects that reduce and remove carbon and protect biodiversity. Engage in short or long-term contracts e.g forwards or offtake agreements with projects in alignment with net-zero timelines, impact goals, and financial strategy.

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Forwards (pre-payments)

Carbon forwards or prepayment agreements involve a buyer providing upfront funding to a carbon project in exchange for future carbon credits. In return, the project commits to delivering a certain quantity of carbon credits to the buyer once they are generated in the future. Typically the buyer secures more attractive pricing on these credits due to the additional risk they take on. These agreements help projects secure financing and provide the buyer with reliable carbon credits for their environmental commitments.

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Carbon offtake agreements are contracts where a buyer commits to purchasing carbon credits from a project over a period of time, with payment made as and when the credits are issued. The agreement benefits both parties involved. The project generating the credits receives a guaranteed revenue stream, which helps fund their operations, expand their activities, or attract further investment. The buyer gains access to verified carbon credits that can be used to compensate for their emissions, demonstrate environmental responsibility, or achieve sustainability targets.

How it works
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01. Sign up

Sign up on to the Opna platform, and complete a simple questionnaire to begin your carbon financing journey

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02. Get approved

Much like our project partners, you’ll go through an approval process before getting access to projects for financing.

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03. Access projects

Easily browse projects from across the globe and select potential deals that align with your carbon removal goals.

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04. Show financing interest

Directly communicate financing interest to to projects that suit your needs and await acceptance from the project owners.

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05. Due diligence

Connect directly with the project owners to undertake final due diligence and handle transactions.

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06. Manage & monitor

Track, monitor and manage your project’s lifecycle on the Opna platform.

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Risk assessment

We conduct risk assessments not just for project financing, but more importantly, due to the long-term nature of forwards and offtake contracts, we provide ongoing reporting on project risks and progress through our platform.

This enables corporates to easily monitor their portfolio and make informed decisions regarding milestone-based capital deployment whilst fostering confidence capital deployment across a growing number of projects.

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Selected carbon projects, funded via Opna

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Afforestation and Reforestation

Carbon Removal Offtakes Financing of 400,000 tcO2e through 2023 to 2030.

Durability: Low

Climate Equity: High

Large scale restoration of native land rich in biodiversity. The grouped Project will control erosion and regenerate soil health, contributing to the improvement of  ground water levels in the area, as well as create local employment opportunities.

Carbo removal



Carbon Removal Forward Financing of 36,000 tcO2e through 2024 to 2030.

Durability: Medium

Climate Equity: Low

A scientific, cost-competitive, and equitable approach to carbon removal in the global south. This project breaks the carbon cycle by using pyrolysis to convert waste biomass into biochar. The char can also be used to improve soil health in semi-arid land.

Why Opna?

Opna is built by veterans across carbon, climate, fintech, capital markets, project development and commodities. From startups to the world's biggest financial institutions, the team understands the care, robustness and trust new markets need.