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Opna connects you directly with capital sources, fostering a transparent relationship between you and your funding.

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The Opna team assess your project, team and track record for financing viability.

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Your project is listed on the Opna platform and available for funding.

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Receiving financing interest from aligned corporates that fit your project needs

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Connect directly with the financing partners to undertake transactions.

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06. Manage & monitor

Track, monitor and manage your project’s lifecycle on the Opna platform.

Why raise through Opna?

Our commitment to transparency, coupled with the direct relationship between you and your financiers, ensures a balanced and mutually beneficial arrangement. By gaining access to funders across the capital stack, you can confidently develop your project, knowing that the necessary funding is available to support your progress.

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A selection of climate projects, funded via Opna

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Afforestation and Reforestation

Carbon Removal Offtakes Financing of 400,000 tcO2e through 2023 to 2030.

Durability: Low

Climate Equity: High

Large scale restoration of native land rich in biodiversity. The grouped Project will control erosion and regenerate soil health, contributing to the improvement of  ground water levels in the area, as well as create local employment opportunities.

Carbo removal



Carbon Removal Forward Financing of 36,000 tcO2e through 2024 to 2030.

Durability: Medium

Climate Equity: Low

A scientific, cost-competitive, and equitable approach to carbon removal in the global south. This project breaks the carbon cycle by using pyrolysis to convert waste biomass into biochar. The char can also be used to improve soil health in semi-arid land.